Florencia Dávalos
Founder & Creative Director


Florencia Dávalos was established in 2014.

Our brand main objective is to develop our own aesthetic with each collection, which is composed by prints, fabrics, silhouettes and versatile designs. 

Every collection hinges from a central theme, which inspires the principal prints, fabrics, embroidery and shapes. Each and every single garment is characterized by its unique and personalized pret-a-poster elements. With a strong influence by Ecuadorian culture reflected on it quality of its craftsmanship. 

We are focused on satisfying modern woman by expressing in each collection how they think and their values 

In this way, it enables itself to fulfill the client expectations by giving them a tool of self expression and show case their true self.

Each garment is characterized by being able to create tendency, by finding by all means perfectionism in each piece of clothing and accompaniment through the clients journey in purchasing our clothes.

At FD we are transparent with the client by offering high-quality and exclusive collections. 

We want to make a change in the industry where producers and consumers are united in the same objective to be aware of the impact of fashion in the world. 

For six years we have contributed to the economy of the country, generating income for several families, among workers and suppliers; always seeking to empower women. 

We invest in QUALITY over QUANTITY, always with timeless garments that have a long life. 

We work with a modern vision for a modern world. 



I’m very proud to be the founder of a house that dresses and enhances the personality of the woman who wears it.

I want to create fashion that provides freedom to be empowered and empower women.

Born in Quito, Ecuador, Flo completed her studies at IED “Institute European di Design”. While studying she joined Nicolas Vaudelet and Yonotaola which helped her create and mature her personality as a designer.

In her current role, Flo embraces the spirit of Florencia Davalos which inspires women to be assertive self-determined, but mainly, on being whoever they want to be.

Latest Work


Florencia Dávalos

F is for Family

FD has always wanted and worked for its customers to feel like home, both at the store and when wearing a FD. The brand is a familiar business and this translates into every aspect of it.

Florencia Dávalos

L is for Lighthearted / lively

Bright smile, sparkly eyes, bubbly attitude, that’s the FD woman, like a ray of light. She is laid-back, joyous and genuinely happy. That’s the woman FD aims to dress, one that does not need much to be much but that is always looking for something new and inspiring. She is always looking for means to feel free and to be her true-self.

Florencia Dávalos

O is for Ornamental

FD pays close attention to details and is always in search for uniqueness through the handmade aspect of its clothes. This reflects through a laid-back but elaborate but aesthetic of the brand. Exquisiteness, taste and embellishment are values that the brand embodies and show in every collection.

Florencia Dávalos

R is for Romantic

The FD woman is emotional, delicate, and dreamy, but also realistic. She moves and acts with grace, poise, and natural allure. She embodies elegance and beauty in her own way and has her own sense of style that comes innately and that spreads to everything around her.

Florencia Dávalos

E is for Empowerment

A brand made by women for women. The FD woman works hard, fights for her future and believes in herself. Florencia Davalos works for her women to feel confident, independent, and convinced through bold and fearless garments that reflect the power within them.

Florencia Dávalos

N is for Natural

The FD woman has a natural beauty that comes effortless. With her bight smile and a light that comes from within, this woman dresses to be more herself, to accentuate her beauty, and to shine even brighter.

Florencia Dávalos

C is for Culture and Craftsmanship

Every garment is handmade and every collection comes from a cultural background. FD innovates every piece of clothing with handmade and artistic details that make each gown unique. Fashion and art are the core of the brand.

Florencia Dávalos

I is for Independent

She dresses to please herself and herself only. The FD woman does not need approval, this translates in her attitude and garments. She lives her life with boldness and determination.

Florencia Dávalos

A is for Authenticity

As well as the FD woman, an FD garment will always be authentic and unique. You can recognize an FD everywhere because of its patterns, silhouettes, prints, and for its personalized pret-a-porter elements. This translates to the attitude, confidence, boldness and fearlessness of the FD woman.